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Carvings By Santa

     I carve as a part-time hobby, to take my mind off the rigors of toy making. I like to carve all kinds of items, and I will do commissions. My favorite things to carve include all kinds of dolphins, porpoises and whales. I also enjoy carving fireplace mantles. I have a few pieces of Butternut (6" X 8" X 8 feet) that would make a beautiful mantle. For more information, please contact me at .

Highlight for Album: The Sea Claus
Album: The Sea Claus
Last change: 11/04/07
Contains: 3 items.

Highlight for Album: Repaired and Repainted
Album: Repaired and Repainted
Last change: 11/04/07
Contains: 4 items.

Highlight for Album: Family Names
Album: Family Names
Last change: 11/04/07
Contains: 11 items.

Isn't Life Great
Isn't Life Great

Special Section: Dolphins and Porpoises