Dolphins and Porpoises

I carve 8 different dolphins and porpoises. I will carve the one you want in either Basswood or Butternut. Dolphins and porpoises are mounted on your choice of a basic stand, or burel. You can expect to receive your request about three weeks after your order is placed.

Basswood: $50
Butternut: $60
Basic Stand (click to view): No Charge
Burel: $15 to $35

Hourglass Dolphin Harbor Porpoise Common Dolphin
Hector's Dolphin (Baiji) River Dolphin
Finless Porpoise Bottlenose Dolphin Heaviside's Dolphin
View Basic Stand
Dolphins and Porpoises are approximately 10" Long

Three Dolphins carved in Butternut.
Base is Manzanitia Burl.
One Dolphin: $75
Each Additional Dolphin: $50

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